Thursday, 23 August 2007

Pregnancy and the benefits of witch hazel

Witch Hazel has distinct benefits for women during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy a womans body undergoes considerable biological change. One of those less discussed, but important changes is around the intimate skin area.

The term pH refers to a numerical measure of the acidity or alkalinity of any solution. pH values typically vary across a scale from 0 to 14, with the pH of neutral solutions equal to 7, increasing values have increasing alkalinity and decreasing values have increasing acidity. The pH of the vagina corresponds to the secretions continually produced by the vaginal walls. (taken from sweetspotlabs)

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During pregnancy these secretions change, from a slightly acidic balance and this can lead to a risk of irritation, discomfort and possible infection. The intimate skin area has a different pH balance to normal body skin as a way to fight these risks.

Post delivery, the combination of altered secretions and low oestrogen associates with breast feeding exacerbate these risks. It is therefore important to use products which do not disrupt this balance further.

As this is a time when the pH of the vagina can be altered by secretions, and the low oestrogen associated with breast feeding. The key thing in avoiding irritation is maintaining a healthy intimate pH balance.

As an intimate wipe, Witch Hazel meets these characteristics. The cleansing and infection fighting benefits of witch hazel, make this an ideal constituent in intimate skin wipes.

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